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Appalachian Kitchens - Small Group Catering

Appalachian Kitchens has been catering for decades, from small
dinner parties to wedding for 400.  Since moving to North
Georgia, Janice has been specializing in smaller events, where her
unusual and more eclectic offerings may be enjoyed.

  • Wine Jams - Various hors d'ouevres - hot and cold
  • Meats - most meats either marinated or basted with spirit
    infused products to enhance flavor
  • Salads- Hot or cold - your choice
  • Side - sky is the limit
  • Wine Bottles - Decorate your wine themed event with a
    myriad of bottles Janice has collected during her cooking.
  • Desserts - what better way to showcase delicate liquers that
    in desserts?
  • Tapas - Small Bites - a perfect application for wine and
    spirit inspited offerings.

No set menu

Appalachian Kitchens wants to work with you on a one-on-one
basis to help you achieve your perfect event.

Please call the catering office at 706.745.8660.

the Crane Creek Vineyards August tomato fest with our Red And
you might see us around the neighborhood - We've catered at
Wine Inspired Pasta Sauce, and next year we will be at the
Seafood festival with our White Wine Inspired Fish Stock And
you might see us around the neighborhood - We've catered at

Favorite offering at the Chateau Elan's Vineyard fest was the
Raspberry Muscadine Cheesecake and the Fig Shiraz and Brie
baked in puff pastry.

At Paradise Hill's Winery Janice presented a Peach Muscadine
glazed pork tenderloin and Fig Shiraz Gorgonzola Petit Pan.

Dream your perfect menu and we'll be there to make it happen.