Appalachian Kitchens - Dedicated to Green

We recycle almost everything from our manufacturing process.

  • Cardboard - Broken down, banded,  and returned to the
    local landfill for recycling.
  • Packing Peanuts - Either bagged and returned to the local
    pack and ship for reuse or used by Appalachian Kitchens to
    ship products thereby reducing waste and cost.
  • Plastic Bags - Collected and returned to the local grocery
    where plastic bags are collected.
  • Wine Bottles - Delivered to a local glass artist for use in
    their decorative wind chimes and fused glass jewelry.  
    Please visit for a look see.
  • Glass Jars - We have an in-store policy of crediting
    customers that bring in their empty jars against future
    purchases.  Also, small glass containers that come through
    our kitchen are filled with the batch overruns and given to
    churches and charities that have "feed the hungry" programs.
Shopping on line saves time and gas.  
And you shop from the comfort and
convenience of your home.  

And consumables like jams and candles
make perfect gifts.  One size fits all and
they are always appreciated.
Supporting the Georgia Made Georgia Grown Sustainable Initiative
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